Burning Calories in Rome

The best way to see Rome is walking everywhere, discovering beautiful little fountains, shrines, and surprises like a giant marble foot (on, appropriately, Marble Foot Street!) along the way.  Not only is this the best way to explore Rome, but it’s also a great way to burn off the pizza and pasta!

For those looking to keep in shape with something more strenuous, there are several easy options. For joggers, we’d recommend the lovely and extensive park around Villa Borghese. For bikers, check out Top Bike Rental, with their bike rentals as well as bike tours. We’d especially recommend renting a bike out in the terrific park on the Via Appia Antica on Sundays when much of the park is closed to traffic.

There are gyms in Rome, although you may find many of the ones in the historic center rather small.  Moreover, the people at the gym on any given day may – or may not – speak some English.  Contact through the phone or email may not be the best way to get information: we’d suggest visiting a gym to inquire what facilities and classes they are currently offering, any closures (such as for the August holiday), and the cost of a day or weekly pass.

Our guess is the new Hard Candy Fitness Rome owned by pop-star Madonna, which will open this year near the Colosseum, is going to be exciting, and with any luck will also be easy to navigate for the non-Italian speaking visitor.

Closer to us, just around the corner in little Piazza Mignanelli is the small, but very handy, Spagna Fitness/FitNext Sporting Club at Piazza Mignanelli, 23.  (To find it, walk to the back corner of the piazza and walk into the alleyway.) They have some fitness classes and last time we checked they did have some yoga classes.  I’ve always found the gym’s poster to be quite entertaining and oh-so-Roman:


Linea Fitness is also convenient, close to the Spanish Steps, at Via Bocca di Leone, 60. The gym has equipment and classes, including yoga.

For yoga lovers, we have two yoga mats in the apartment available for your use.  The apartment iPod has a variety of musical genres on it so you can take your pick if you want some tunes. If you are looking for a class, the closest is Longevity Yoga. There are classes on Via Due Macelli, up the street from us. You’ll need to contact the studio in advance about attending the classes, and the studio does seem to close down for holiday periods.

For additional ideas on gyms, trainers, and studios, Anglo Info has two pages of listings, and try In Rome Now, too.

UPDATE [January, 2018]: Alas, Spagna Fitness/FitNext Sporting Club has closed. Guests reported in January 2018 that they found a well appointed, clean, very friendly English-speaking gym at a cost of 15 euros per day a bit past Piazza Navona called Moves.  The address is Via dei Coronari, 46.  Also, Madonna’s Hard Candy gym has opened — guest passes are 45 euros (gasp!) per day.



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