Enoteca La Torre

We had lunch with our friend Massimo at one of Rome’s Michelin-star restaurants, Enoteca La Torre. Housed in a lovely palazzo, Villa Laetitia, which is owned by Fendi (yes, that Fendi), it’s a bit out of the way, to the north of the historic center. There was a transit strike that day, so we hopped a taxi.

We enjoyed G&Ts in a little side room while waiting for Massimo to arrive. Service was very refined, yet friendly.  Then we entered the lovely spacious dining room, which features an immense and ornate glass window. There were only a handful of other patrons that day, enjoying the very elegant, yet comfortable dining room. I believe there were two wait staff for three tables, so our service was always prompt, warm, and never intrusive.

The elegant table at Enoteca La Torre

The three of us decided to have the five-course lunch (three-course and seven-course offerings were also available). This was the right choice as, not unexpectedly, we started off with some elegant amuse bouche.

The goodies begin: amuse bouche at La Torre

We began with wonderful, sweet red shrimp, bursting with flavor, with touches of cardamom, citrus, and mint croquettes.

Sweet red shrimp

We moved on to a risotto with white truffle. Although we always enjoy talking with Massimo, all conversation ceased. We had been talking about politics, something that gets us all a bit charged up. There were loud words and gestures all around. Then the risotto came, and apparently we forgot all about U.S. and Italian politics. Yes, it’s that good.

Risotto with white truffle

After a few minutes of returning to animated conversation, we were silenced again by an unusual dish: egg, buffalo Taleggio cheese, and black truffle.  The rich protein of the egg, the tanginess of the cheese, and the earthy truffle blended together to form a creaminess that soothed all corners of the palate.  I would eat an entire bucket of this dish!

Egg, Taleggio, and black truffle — delicious

Our main course was piglet. Juicy and flavorful, with a Goldilocks-worthy amount of crispy skin, accompanied by black beans, vegetables, and cabbage. The proportions of flavor and texture on this plate were spot on.

The delectable piglet

A ginger ice palate cleanser prepared us for the onslaught of sweets to come.

Another amuse, full of citrus


Our sweet ending — Mostaccioli cookie, persimmon, chestnuts, and yogurt


Then more sweets

After a coffee, the three of us slowly and reluctantly rolled ourselves out of the beautiful palazzo.  Due to the transit strike, the ban on cars entering the historic district was lifted, so Massimo was able to give us a lift home. We wouldn’t be waiting for the next transit strike to go back to Enoteca La Torre.  Although considering how often there is a strike, maybe that would not be too bad of an idea.