Ristorante Life

Not far from the Spanish Steps Apartment is Life Ristorante and Wine Bar, at Via della Vite, 28.

Inside, it’s very pretty and comfortably appointed. But with some friends visiting, we opted to enjoy the lovely weather at the outside seating. Outdoor seating is misleadingly described as “on the terrace,” but is actually on the sidewalk across the narrow street, under a tent.

The restaurant has four tasting menus: Lobster, Black Truffle, Sea Essence, and Brunello di Montalcino.  Our friends, both wine enthusiasts, opted for the the last tasting menu while Laura and I made à la carte choices.

Laura started with the steak tartare, declaring it “delicious” (she’s sampled this dish at a lot of places — she ought to know).  I went with a light sea bass carpaccio, which had a generous serving of black truffle, which appeared in many of our dishes that night.

Sea bass carpaccio with black truffle

For our friends, their dinner started with a crispy phyllo purse filled with warm burrata, patanegra (a.k.a., jamón ibérico) ham, and asparagus spears.

A delicious burrata in phyllo dough with ham and asparagus

Next, we moved onto some pasta, which is made in-house.  For Laura, that meant a nice pasta carbonara; for me, a light gnocchi with tomato sauce.

Pasta carbonara


The gnocchi

Our friends enjoyed a beautiful ravioli filled with ricotta, pecorino cheese, bacon, and crunchy artichokes, as well as fettuccine with wild mushrooms and black truffle.

Ravioli with bacon, parmesan, and artichokes

By now, we were on our second bottle of Brunello di Montalcino Casanova di Neri. Laura and I shared an entree, beef filet with — once again — black truffle. Simple and good.

Beef filet with black truffle

As part of their tasting menu, our friends enjoyed beef filet with a topping of foie gras, apple, and toasted almonds.  Decadent, and delicious.

Beef filet with foie gras

Dessert was a light, crunchy pastry with chantilly cream and dark chocolate shavings:

Pasty with chantilly cream and shaved chocolate

Our conclusion: very good service, lovely food. The food portions were appropriate, the food was of high quality, the pricing reasonable. Our friends declared it their favorite meal of the trip. We’ll certainly be back, and not just because it’s a 5-minute walk from us!