Arco degli Acetari (the Vinegar Makers’ Arch)

Like any city, Rome has plenty of quiet spots where you can slip away from the bustle for moment.  Spots that are often overlooked, easily missed by tourists with a busy itinerary, forgotten about by on-the-go locals.  I write about such locations in this blog.  Here’s one just a few steps from a popular locale.

You would never know it (indeed, I walked past it many times without knowing it), but if you are walking down Via del Pellegrino, not far from Campo de’ Fiori, you’re passing something beautiful.

Look for this arch at number 19:


Find this arch…

Walk through it if the gates are open. You arrive in a little courtyard, once home to the vinegar makers of Rome. It remains a cobblestone courtyard surrounded by private homes. Orange, red, and green is all around you.

The courtyard beyond the Arco degli Acetari






The rich colors are wonderful.  This is a tiny slice of old Rome. Yet even here, there are signs that this is modern Rome.  Life continues, building one layer over another, in this eternal city.  There’s a rainbow flag someone has put up.  In another spot there’s a lovely little piece of street art.

Art in the “vinegar makers'” courtyard, a nice touch of modernity

Once you’re done enjoying this quiet and colorful urban nook, it’s back to the hustle and bustle of Rome.

The way out