My Forbidden Floor Photos

If you follow this blog, you have probably seen multiple examples of my ongoing obsession with old Roman (and Vatican) floors.

I recently went to a church which shall remain nameless since it had a sign that no photography was allowed and I don’t want the photo police (Rome probably has them, consider the high number of different police forces) to knock on my door. Except for the single photo I took when I entered, before I saw the sign (really!), I took no photos of the interior, although it was certainly lovely.

The one photo of the interior taken before I saw the “no photography” sign

Well, I must admit that I took no additional photos of the interior above the floor. When I saw that floor, however… I could not control myself, it was so gorgeous. The many relics of this church did not move me, but the beauty of the floor certainly did.

This church has some of the most wonderful examples of Cosmatesque marble patterns in Rome. Truly beautiful colored floor panels of marble, in marvelous patterns. Breathtaking. I know I won’t end up in hell for sharing them here with you. If the photo police do take me away, though, please come bail me out.