Il Tino is Great – If you can Find it!

Our taxi driver had a heck of a time finding this Michelin star restaurant. It’s certainly a somewhat out-of-the-way location, located at a small marina in Fiumicino. Appropriately enough, the Il Tino specializes in seafood.

Il Tino, overlooking a small marina

But, what a destination Il Tino is.  Delicious and playful food, served by our distinguishedly mustachioed server.  We ordered a la carte and asked the multilingual sommelier to select wine by the glass for us.  She was spot on.

The chef first sent out small fish amuse bouche.

Amuse bouche

We shared an opening medley of delicious little snacks…

Aperitivo bollicine & “finger food”

… and then moved on to spaghetti alla bottarga (dried fish roe from Sardegna). We had just spent a week on Sardegna, where we’d enjoyed this dish a couple times; we preferred the elegant version here!

Spaghetti alla bottarga

Likewise, we enjoyed a very springlike (and green!) risotto with nettles (a flavor we have come to truly appreciate) with delicate shrimp.

Risotto with nettles and shrimp

Another hit was scored with the “dim sum,” tiny and delicious dumplings.  Add to that the dish at the top of this page, tuna belly “cured speck style” with tomatoes — a feast for both the eyes and mouth.

Dim Sum with white aubergine, roasted prawns and fennel and lemon balm extract

Our main courses were mullet, amberjack, and wild boar.

Red mullet fish, guanciale, cherry, and celeriac


The “Castelfusano” kilometer: amberjack and wild boar

Il Tino offers very reasonable prices for a Michelin star restaurant. We will be back! Next time we will be able to show the taxi where to go — the odd location caused not only a problem in finding the restaurant, but we also had a very long wait for a taxi to pick us up. So, just keep that in mind when trying this delightful, if difficult to find, spot.