Some Surprisingly Serene Paintings

The second floor of the Hendrik Christian Andersen house museum, in the Villa Helene, is much different from the main floor. On the lower level, the artist’s massive sculptures are on display, as they were during his lifetime. They are packed to the rafters, literally, almost to the point of being overwhelming.

The many monumental sculptures of the ground floor.

The second story, however, was his personal living area. It must have been simply lovely, elegant, and serene to live in.

The elegant and graceful second floor.

Pastel colored murals grace the ceilings and walls.


Mural close-up


Mural close-up

When we visited, there was a small collection of his paintings here, and they were gorgeous. While the sculptures downstairs were provoking, these were the little jewels of the museum, and the highlight of my visit there. Enjoy!