Il Goccetto: “Wine and Oil”

The sign reads Vino e Olio — “Wine and Oil” — but the official name is Il Goccetto. I’d heard of this place for years, had never been, and then ended up going twice in one week. This is now on the top of my list of “go to places,” and there are two very different experiences to be had here.

We first stopped by for a drink on a Friday night when we were going for dinner at a nearby Michelin-star restaurant, Per Me Giulio TerrinoniĀ (more on that in another post; and funny thing, another Michelin-star, Il Pagliaccio, is just across the street).

The place was packed. I struggled to get to the bar to order two glasses of wine, struggled again through the crowd to get to the front door, and then sat with Laura on one of the front steps among the throng at the entrance with a friendly dog. The benches on both sides of the entrance and the steps were filled, and people had spilled out into the street, sometimes using the cars to rest their glass of wine.

Friday night, just after the crowd had left


People drinking in the street on a Friday night, across from the entrance. Very Roman.


A very cool architectural feature on a nearby building we noticed while enjoying our wine outside

We came back Sunday afternoon to a very different experience. No one hanging out at the entrance (as the top photo shows). Total relaxation inside.

The interior decoration — all the art I need


The quiet Sunday afternoon crowd

Both the food and the wide selection of wines are at very good prices (check their Facebook page for the list of the week’s wines, hand written on the chalk board).

Order at the bar

We had artichokes, buratta with tomatoes, and spicy eggplant, with crusty bread and a few glasses of wine. Simple and delicious.


We loved this place, both on an energetic Friday night, and on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.