Rome’s Vending Machines

Romans really like their vending machines. These machines sometimes show up in unusual places.

They also sell unusual things.

For example, there’s a collection of vending machines at the venerable coffee house Tazzo d’Oro.

One of Tazzo d’Oro’s vending machines

First off, you can get a coffee. Well, a variety of drinks, such as a cappuccino, a macchiato, hot chocolate, or a tea with lemon.

For that 3 a.m. coffee hit

Second, since you’re already there, why not get some coffee beans, from the “Coffee Bancomat” (cute!)

Coffee Bancomat


Bags of coffee beans, ready to go

Of course, if you’re up and about in the wee hours, you may need some snacks, or a Red Bull. Conveniently, you can find vending machines selling snacks and drinks in the Spagna metro station.

Snacks and drinks

On our street, we have several 24-hour vending machines (photo at the top of this post) that sell snacks, lottery tickets, and cell phone chargers. It also sells cigarettes, something you don’t even see anymore in some countries.

Interestingly, the machines have a way to scan Italian ID cards to ensure a sale to those of age hankering cigarettes (others may be out of luck).

Vending machine cigarettes — i.d. required

But there’s more. Around the corner, across from the back of a church, is the condom vending machine, which gives you a number of selections.

The discrete condom machine


Happy condoms…


Tropical condoms …


And, diabolical condoms.

It makes sense, then, If you’ve failed to stop by the condom machine, you might need one of these selling diapers, baby formula, and other fun things.

Baby products, feminine hygiene products, you name it.

This machine also offers several rows of condom choices and some items I did not want to examine too closely.

Clearly, there’s something for everyone — at any time — in Rome’s vending machines.