Campo Verano’s Portraits

As I discussed in my previous post, Campo Verano is a wonderful place to explore. It’s filled with art, and replete with the remains of famous people. If you studied Italian literature or as a foreign language, you may recognize the writer, Alberto Moravia. Or, you may remember the politician Giulio Andreotti. But again, there are many well known names at Campo Verano.

There are also a couple names appropriate for this October 31 post. The Count and Countess Frankenstein are buried here. I didn’t know Campo Verano also contains someone I knew in my childhood, the famous horror/suspense movie director Mario Bava.

But beyond the famous names and lovely art and architecture you can find at Campo Verano, there are also lots of moving depictions of the people buried here.  For the most recent burials (photo at the top of this post, clearly indicating real estate is at a premium), many of the deceased are depicted in photographs.

Older burials, on the other hand, may have busts or paintings.

An older monument, a bust looks down onto more recent family members added in

Here are just a few monuments with beautiful images of the deceased.




And certainly, portraits of the children buried here are incredibly moving.


This last one brings a smile to your face. Amid all the formal portraits, this guy is forever depicted with a friendly smile, a cap, and his guitar, against the blue sky.

I’m sure Mario is forever strumming his guitar in heaven. Play on, Mario!