Not Just Your Usual Pharmacy

While admiring the Trevi Fountain, it’s hard to notice the pharmacy there. But if you do, you might see the sign over the door, which reads “Antica Farmacia Pesci, 1552.”

The little pharmacy by the Trevi, today

Yes, this pharmacy was founded in 1552. However, it’s only(!) been at this location at Piazza di Trevi since the 1600’s.

So, if you want to see what a pharmacy was like several hundred years ago, go inside. The interior is all antique dark wood cabinetry, filled with antique boxes and jars that once held herbs and medicaments, as well as a painting of the Madonna and Child.

The dark wood cabinetry that fills the pharmacy


Giant red porphyry marble urn on the counter


The massive cabinet at the end of the pharmacy…


… above which is a Madonna and child, and what appear to be swordfish bills.


Urn decoration on the cabinetry

Take the time to read some of some of the prescriptions noted on the boxes and urns on the shelves.

The urns and boxes are little things of beauty


This box held “blood of the dragon.”

Visiting this pharmacy is like stepping back in time – except it is still a functioning little pharmacy shop. Yes, you can pick up your prescriptions and other pharmaceutical needs here… in a strange and interesting little piece of history. I frequently write on this blog that in Rome, history is always just below the surface. In this pharmacy, however, the dragon’s blood is just above the Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts.