Per Me Giulio Terrinoni

Laura and I continue eating our way through Rome’s Michelin-star restaurants. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…

We recently went to one of Rome’s newer Michelin-starred restaurants (it opened in November 2015), Per Me Giulio Terrinoni (which means, “for me …,” and the chef’s name). It’s on a pretty little street where vines hang down the buildings. When we were there in May the air was filled with the scent of honeysuckle.

Walls of honeysuckle, filling the whole street with a gentle perfume

The interior of Per Me is understated and calm. We were seated in a back room with just a few tables before being served multiple amuse bouche and terrific bread.

The restaurant focuses on seafood and seasonal produce. Yet the chef clearly enjoys playing with the visual elements of the meal, like vibrant colors (such as the beetroot amuse bouche at the top of this post), as well as textures.

The visual appeal of the food and restaurant’s interior design combine for a visual harmony, indicating a deliberate hand guiding all the senses.

Amuse bouche


More amuse bouche


And, more amuse bouche (a creamy fish stew)

For starters, we went with the “Raw Fish,” which turned out to be some perfect little bites of fresh seafood.

Part of the raw fish selection


More raw fish


Oyster with milky foam

We had to try the “Superspaghettone Sea Carbonara 2006,” which was exceptional. It substituted bottarga (dried Sardinian fish roe) for bacon and used fish eggs rather than chicken ones.

The “sea carbonara”

We moved on to the grouper “vignarola,” using some of our favorite Roman spring vegetables. Both the fish and the vegetables were evenly flavorful and tasted of Spring.

Grouper vignarola

We also had pigeon five ways — again, excellent.

Pigeon five ways

A citrusy pre-dessert treat arrived next:

A pre-dessert

We ended with the sun and moon dessert (the sun is simply delicious after you crack it open!)

Sun and moon

There were other little treats as well, at the very end.

More treats at the very end

Laura is not the biggest seafood eater but she was delighted with her meal. With cocktails, four glasses of wine, and water, the bill for this lunch was 300 euros. All in all, a very lovely meal.