Street Art is Everywhere in Rome

Just a few years ago, I wrote a post about street art, which was just becoming accepted in Rome. Now, it’s everywhere, and I think it is wonderfully playful and energetic (most of it, at least). Indeed, Rome has some wonderful, giant examples of street art that are well worth specifically seeking out.

But even just walking through the city, you’ll pass by many smaller pieces of street art. Here is some of the street art that I randomly encountered over a one week period.

I particularly loved the friendly “Super Nonna” leaning out of a window at the top of this post, by the relatively new street artist LeDiesis.  A short time later I found another one of his works, looks like Super Morticia of the Adams Family.

Morticia Adams as Supergirl?

In another part of Rome, I found a large mural by Hogre, a well-known street artist:

Large mural — not sure what the message is.

I’m not sure who created the rest.  If you know, send me a note!

Mick Jagger on the right… not sure who is on the left.


A giant pink rubber ducky of some sort… in bondage?


Sperm. Not a fan of this one, since the underlying signage is obliterated.


Stencil, “WANTED.”


Another interesting stencil. This one reads, “There’s no need for so much space.”


Another large mural

While going to dinner one night, I found a stencil of a girl with a bomb, à la Banksy. Is it a real Banksy, or an homage?

Small stencil of a girl hugging a bomb, a la Banksy

Much of the street art you’ll see is actually a poster. This one, which I like a lot, is by Einknarf:

Punk frog with attitude


A medieval Jesus in a rose

This one says it’s by ESPO, although I’ve found no information to confirm that.

Mountain lion?


This one is full of angst

Here’s an eye-catching poster by street artist Lenoardo Crudi featuring, of all people, Orson Welles:

“The cats of Orson Welles”

Not sure who the artist is, but this one reminds me of German woodblock prints. Is it Sinead O’Connor?


A small Jesus face?


This one is scary…


… as are these


… and this one.


Stuffed tiger toy?


Angry bird?

As you can see, sometimes you get an entire wall of street art. It definitely livens your day!