Palazzo Massimo: Mosiacs

In addition to its sculpture, an important part of the collection of Roman antiquities at Palazzo Massimo is the mosaics.

I always have a soft spot in my heart for geometric mosaics and tessellations.

Beautifully preserved cube floor mosaic


A simple but lovely pattern


Love the subtle color changes in this more intricate one, giving it a 3D look

Some mosaics give you the feeling of being in a garden, surrounded by flowers, watching the birds hop about.

A bird on flowers, with other birds on baths


More birds, with a decorative border


A floral border, again with a bit of a 3D effect


A simple but elegant vegetative border


Scattered, stylized flowers among a complex web of triangles, squares, diamonds, and hexagons


Lucious fruit

The simple monochromatic mosaics are lovely and sometimes humorous:

One of the seasons, personified


Fishermen on a boat, underneath which is…


…. a crocodile

Romans really liked their sea creatures, some of them mythical.

A dolphin and a funny looking fish


A half-bull, half-fish creature


Another crazy sea-creature


Love these detailed fish

More detailed mosaics have exquisite colors and depictions.

A mosaic centerpiece of Bacchus


The god Dionysus fighting Indians


The elegant, winged goddess Nike


A proud charioteer with his horse


A theatrical mask

I love this last one. ¬†Apparently, cats haven’t changed much in the last 2,000 years!

A grey tabby cat and some ducks